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Description:   Jsp-PIM is a fully integrated modular and open personal information manager written in java, jsp and html.

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MyOrgBook For up to date information goto myorgbook.orgMyOrgBook is a multi-user personal information manager. Myorgbook makes it easy for web administrators to add a service to their users.

Personal Site Manager PSM (Personal Site Manager) is an easy to use CMS (content management system) for simple content sites. Uses PHP, flat file (no SQL needed) and a Javascript HTML WYSIWYG Editor. Support lite template and versioning.

Personal Content Manager This is a desktop Content Management System. The main purpose of this piece of software is to provide a simple and easy to use means of managing of the content of some small www sites. Not requiring program execution on the server side.

Personal Data Manager PDM is basically a folder manager for any kind of data. It can replace the specific folder management feature provided by many applications (file explorer, email client, bookmarks, ...) by providing a single folder structure to organize all kind of data.

Personal Upload Manager A simple and elegant solution for file management on your website. Requires PHP 4 and modern web browser. No configuration! Works just after being uploaded. Single script plus optional skin. Uses ajax where possible. A PHP5 version is available via SVN.

Web Site Information Manager - WebSIM WebSIM is a free and user friendly generic system for dynamically publishing and editing information on web sites, allowing detailed user/group access control, web administration and unique costumization options. (PHP)

XEMPIM XEMPIM is a complete rewrite of EMPIM (the Excessively Modular Personal Information Manager) for Mac OS X in objective C/Cocoa. The goal is to create a robust set of communications primitives for various autonomous modules. Each module will implement a

Atreis Information Manager Atreis IM is a flexible and extendable hierarchical information manager written in Java. The program includes an easy to use user-interface, full search capabilities, and the display of information can be customized by extending a couple Java interfaces.

Debts - Personal debt manager Debts is a tool for managing personal debts between people. For example when a couple of people live together and they buy things for everyone, then debts are created.The program can simplify and reduce the number of debts and visualize the situation.

JOrganizer JOrganizer is a webbased PIM (Personal Information Manager), written in Java. With it, you can manage your contacts, emails, time and more. It is based on JSP, Servlets, Struts, Castor, the xml.apache.org API's and other Open Source projects.

JsisPath JsisPath is an automated test case generator. It is a white box java test tool that generates test cases out of your source code. JsisPath generates minmum test cases that ensures that every statement in your code is executed at least once.

JspDoc: JSP Documentation tool 'JspDoc' targets Administrators and Jsp Developers and allows them to Implement a 'documentation' standard for Jsp, Browse on-line an app server Jsp collection, and Understand and learn their structure.

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